Just Propaganda

The founding brotherhood of the WWII Ghost Army were the predecessors of modern propaganda use in non-kinetic campaigns.


“Of all the ways that the covenant can make you underestimate your own potential, perhaps the most deflating is when an institution insists that you adopt a strategy that does not suit you – and then reprimands you when you struggle, condescendingly attributing your failure to a lack of talent”
― Todd Rose, Dark Horse

In late 90’s and early 00’s, two mountain pirates would find themselves in the West Indies, both with different goals and different observations on the cultures they found.  The cultures seemed to be steeped in both supersition and wildly disparate beliefs in magic.  Of note, the last Mountain Pirate out of West Indies noted that Astrological pamplets, in English, dotted the fairs and markets.  Weird symbols filled the pages, while the locals religiously held to the ‘predictions’ provided for each month.  Lacking the depth, intellectualism and core understandings of a modernday Alchemist like Fulcanelli, the local population seemed to be conditioned by the ‘wisdom of the stars’ found in these so-called pamplets without being informed by a deeper understanding or any form of introspective comprehension.

The first mountain pirate noted the music heard on the radio station in Kingston.  Everything seemed to geared towards American ideals, notions and culture.  Even the works of Bob Marley seemed to have, in a counter-intuitive way, promoted this idea of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy” in a nation at un-rest.

Still poverty blanketed the countrysides, inlet villages and violence raged on the streets.

Something else was at work here …

The Ace of Spades was used to promote the fears of uncertainty, lost causes and sudden death …


The Present Day …

Our modern world is steeped in psychological propoganda.  The inablity to think, reason spirituality from superstition and a perchant towards cognative biases are the norm.  Modern Christianity is a prime example of a modal influencer that can be used to persuade, change and influence the American voting populace.  For others, communiterian, communistic and socialists beliefs are the jam – these too can be manipulated to acheive results for those diametrically opposed to those very beliefs.  Catholicism, Santareia and the cult of Santa Muerte provide a false sense of certainty that ‘God’s hand’ is behind current events.  For those certain Muslims, a belief in the Jin define the current climate of American Culture.  The news media outlets have perfected leftist guilt, while Fascism still hijacks folk beliefs from European culture to inform those of Germanic stock.  The Chinese PLA exploits the beliefs of ‘The Immortals’ through film, music and theater.

The primarily motivator is simply fear.

“Q-Anon” is a modern day version of an open psychological operation that falsely informs, while breeding complacency.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown
H. P. Lovecraft

Our Founder was big on testing out one’s spiritual beliefs – untested beliefs were just simply superstition.  To this day many Mountain Pirates study psychological operations for this reason.  Recently, a discussion about ‘The Fouke Monster’ stirred debate that the concept of ‘Bigfoot’ was an elaborate psychological operation that got out of hand.  Given that nearly every truck in Appalachia has a Bigfoot sticker on it, then one can assume that this may be true.  Also, many of the modern day Bigfoot encounters in North Carolina conviently occur within a day’s drive of Ft. Bragg.  Modern Conspiracy theorists have their take on this ‘issue’, we have ours. Could Bigfoot be real? Or is he just another inflatable tank riding atop a golden, electric jackass – we simpy do not know.

Or is he simply a ghost in the machine, floating through the pines of Caroline.

A study of propoganda is a key concept that the Mountain Pirates love to explore.

For more information on this subject, we suggest a reading of the works of SGM Herbert A. Friedman on this fascinating subject.

So you wanna play with magic?
Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for. Baby, do you dare to do this?
‘Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse.’