Our Lady

Our Lady

What can be said of our lady? That she bears fiery hair, golden cast against a setting sun, bearing upon her shoulders a cat so black that he’d scare a churchman from his pulpit a mile off.  That she comes aboard, not asked, singing first and yelling loudly.  That she bears all black, as if to attend a funeral pyre or perhaps your doom.  In one hand she carries a sword, in the other a banana.  She holds a distinct disregard for untested ideals, superstitions and curses.  Her eyes are blue and sea green.  She’s definitely descended from the Sirens.  Yet in our crew, she counts YOU as one of her own.  Mind you her ways and if she fancies, then you just may make it through the night.

Our Lady, who is never named, distinctly resembles a version of Lady Fortuna.  She comes bearing a pirates garb, is adorned with red hair and is dressed in all black.  These attributes alone would make any sailor suspicious of her.  To make matters worse (or better), she is accompanied by her voice, a black cat and a banana – all were verboten on any sailing vessel, even to this day.  However, she is there to test the Captain’s will and to see if he will choose the unconventional way during the heat of battle or during times of hardship.

She is an embodiment of the Siren, the least likely of sailing allies, yet she fancies those that desire Freedom above all else.   She blesses the observant with treasure and to those less aware, their deaths.  She is the absolute counterbalance to the Captain.

The Lady is what the Captain desires, however as will all dreams, she is a fleeting and ephemeral vision – but one that does truly exist.

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