The Glyph

The ‘Glyph’ was created at the beginning of 2006

The forward facing symbol of the Mountain Piracy is the amalgamation of five characters with the special character being ‘Pi’.  As much as the glyph is a play on words and an easy symbol for others to recognize, it’s also a math equation that Ed created in order to explain an invention that could save mankind in the future (one that has already been created he said).  Local Appalachian conspiracy theories are fairly legion as to the possible meaning of the Glyph with Asheville New Agers claiming it’s a map to Lemuria (call us crazy) or even (supposedly) the directions to an underground base in the Mammoth caves of Kentucky.  Rumor has it the meaning can change based on how much wine or rum is on hand – still it’s a bit of a mystery, however;

When potential Mountain Pirates are made Mates – a brief explanation of the possible or ‘real’ meaning is given to the new Brothers and Sisters.   The explanation is given only once a year, at a specific place and at a certain time.

The American Freemasons are well known for their statement ‘to be one ask one’, the Mountain Pirate motto is nearly abeam.  To be considered for the Piracy, get the Glyph, then they’ll find you it is said.