Esse quam videri

The Mountain Piracy was born from the philosophy of two very unique brothers, Captain John Collins (USN Ret. - Founder of the Iron Man) and Captain Edward Collins (Honorary). The group formed out of a discussion based on Robert Heinlein's The Competent Man.

Modern society was leaning more towards specialization, a trend that threatened the core competencies of a well rounded individual and created a culture susceptible to machinations of petty tyrants. As the cubicle generation took control, Americans hardly resembled the sturdy character of the nations founding stock.

The Appalachian Mountain Piracy later became the Mountain Pirates - and even that has morphed into other names as the philosophy became embedded along America's coastal communities. The original Brethren and Sisters were literal River Guides on the French Broad River in Western North Carolina. From there, it was only natural that the organization took root along the East and West coasts of the United States, including BVI, the West Indies and Puerto Rico.