Blood Moon over the Atlantic

Spiritual Underpinngs of the Mountain Piracy – A word from our founding Captain

The following is a letter from our dear buddy Captain Edward Collins to his long time friend who has recently experienced the passing of a father. The seemingly audacious beginning, then finds it’s way into the existential heart of human existence. With the clarity of a rag, tag country guru, father and mathematician … Ed shares with him (and us) why death is not the end of all things.


Dear [Brother/Friend],

Been meaning to write you for a while. What I’d like to share with you is meant to easy your grief and hopefully brighten your outlook.

Let’s start off with our good friend LSD. I’m thinking that, in the depths of a mind scattering trip, you may have had similar insight as I have had in that situation.


Hey, this world is nothing but an elaborate mind­game and “it” is all a cosmic joke we perpetrate for some sick reason.

Counter pose this revelation with the world lessons we learn from our first baby­ steps. The world teaches us fear, betrayal, me­first and damn the rest, dog­eat­dog, class and race prejudice, play­ it­ safe­ or suffer­ the consequences, etc.  In short the world teaches us very effectively the “It’s a hard mean world.”

All the world lessons spring from the ego. Ego = the sense of an individual’s identity for self.

Then comes some superstitious lunatics that propose a GOD that’s the answer to the world’s bullshit.

Now there’s cognitive disorder.

World = pain and suffering plus fleeting pleasure VS. religion = God of Love, Mercy forgiveness, and yet the compassionate God allows war, famine, genocide, plagues, tyrants and corruption.

After all, wasn’t he suppose to be the primal architect?

Even worse, the ego insists we go round in circles looking for answers within its universe; where we will be sure to never find ‘em.

So the summary is an insane ego created by an insane universe and populated it with insane individual (us).

Compare this to a simple view of a changeless, always loving God, always present in the now, who is perfect in being, as well as incapable of creating anything less perfect than itself.

Truly a conundrum meant to frustrate and guaranty failure.

But let’s follow this a few more steps:

The Christian religion talks a lot about God but almost nothing about what he is.


  1. Perfect, changeless
  2. Omnipresent, keyword = present. This is the same as saying God is real.
  3. Omnipowerful, i.e. there is no power to match God’s.
  4. Nature is love, joy, bliss.

The Hindus describe God as Sat­Chit­Anada.

Sat = Real and Present and in the Now

Chit = Conscious, Aware.

Anada = Bliss, Joy


Now the ego or sense of identity apart from God’s, [is sic.]

  1. Imperfect always at best, a clever copy
  2. Never, “In­The­Now,” Always looking to the past or future.
  3. Weak, Ego wants us to play the victim then the righteously justified attacker, at the mercy of outside events small and insignificant.
  4. Fearful, distrusting, holder of grievances, having to guard against evil, scratching out whatever pleasures we can to break the boredom.
  5. Limited time; born/hustle/idle. This further emphasizes our ponyness.
  6. Anything fabricated from the ego is flawed and serves to strengthen the illusion.

I decided the test of God’s existence = if there is a God he/she/it must be more real than me. God is all about absolutes, so anything that is not real = illusion, false.

Therefore, if God created the universe, it must be perfect. The universe is not perfect. Therefore God did not make the universe.

God created us, therefore the real us is perfect.

The ego created the universe to trap us and give us a place to hide from our God­ Hood. We want to hide from God because we hate God and fear punishment.  Hence, we (all powerful but sleeping beings) project and sustain the idea of a universe, we let the insane ego usurp our consciousness, and so we are doomed by our choice to believe in the ego, suffer, know loss, and die.

The very idea of separate existence (all 8 billion of us) is insane and is an illusion.

In reality God looks at his perfect creations (us) and sees only his own perfection. He has no notion of our universe or pitiful suffering. He knows it’s only a nightmare.

All he sees is his creations stirring in their sleep with a bad dream that will pass away when we wake.

Now the good one. There is only one God. Therefore there is only one of us playing out these scripts on planet insano.

So if we created our fucked up world it’s only a minute shift in belief to see it all for the sham it is.

We created good and evil, attacker vs victim, Haitian disasters, Republican globalists, and churches that spread lies.

There are only two emotional states: fear and love. Love is what we are made of, so basing our consciousness on love not fear, brings us into the light.

[My youngest son] asked me, “Dad, why do you have Hep.C?” My only answer could be, “I wanted it somehow.”

The roots of all these, lies in our huge fucked up unconsciousness. We can pray and strive to wake up, but we only operate from our conscious mind.

Basing our lives in love daily, through prayer, meditation, worship allows God to heal our unconscious minds.

Since everything is “MIND” a change can be wrought in us. It could take a split second, maybe a 1000 lifetimes, but the change is for sure gonna happen, because it’s God’s will to gather all his sleeping sparks back into himself.

I think this is what Buddha, and Jesus saw and tried to tell us but cock sucking priesthoods perverted the message to suit their lust for power.

Yeshua truly was the greatest revolutionary of all time.

Please don’t see yourself as weak and helpless in your travels [Brother/Friend]. Your grief seems real but only serves to reinforce the illusion. Be at peace, ground in love and accept your true nature.

I love you as I love myself and God, which is all the same. I bless you and wish you

joy bliss and peace.



Published with the expressed permission of the Collins family