Since the beginning of this year, there has been a move to limit fungability, saving power and liquidity of people’s methods of saving.  As you may know, the Appalachian Mountain Pirates have long supported gold and silver as a means of exchange, in addition to trade.  To us, Gold and Silver are money.

However, in the past few years, many of our Captains and crews have started to save (and make) income from such crypto currencies as Bitcoin, Ether and etc.  We understand that this interest is pretty strong within our circles.  The issues we take with Bitcoin is privacy.  Your business is your business.  That business is of no concern to me, other Pirates or anyone else for that matter.  Certain forces in this world don’t feel the same.  They believe they should know everything that you do.   This, of course, goes against our Code – no one should be the Master of your life but you.

To whit, up until this past year, the Appalachian Mountain Pirates could not officially endorse any type of crypto currency.  With the invention of Pirate Chain, we believe it is OK to consider this crypto currency as a valid means of exchange between the Brethren, along with Gold and Silver.

Stated, from this moment forward, we’ll settle internal dues, orders and etc. using Pirate Chain (ARRR) unless in person, then it’s Gold and Silver.

To learn more about how to use, please see their website.

Yarr’s Truly,

Captain Balls


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