In this episode of The Pirate Cast, we explore actual pirate radio, which is unlicensed FM or AM radio transmissions that are risque at best. Captain Balls talks about his experience with the Pirate Radio and Punk Rock communities in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He discusses how the Mountain Pirates got introduced the pirate radio broadcasters of that era and pirate radio in their native Asheville. True pirate radio actually has it’s roots in the Radio Act of 1912. We discuss such notorious pirate outfits as Radio Caroline, Radio Free Berkley and Frequency 13 … we discuss cheap Chinese transmitters and the demise of Radio Shack.

We discuss the Free Radio Association and the era leading up to the days of the internet.

So is there a place for Pirate Radio in the modern era? Community radio and micro broadcasting has become very popular as more affordable 100 watt FM transmitters have become available. We’d say yes it does … but with a caveat.


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